• Annual Maintenance contract for Air-conditioning Works
  • Periodical Maintenance service for AC Units.
  • Preventive Maintenance service for AC Units.
  • 24×7 On-call Air-conditioning Servicing and Trouble Shooting.
  1. Electrical & Plumbing
  • Cleaning and checking of electrical components of MDBs & DBs
  • Ensuring the tightness of electrical connections of MDBs & DBs
  • Checking & Ensuring the proper function of Indication Lamps
  • Repairing of external leaks in pipes.
  • Cleaning of water tank


  • Total electricity failure/breakdown
  • Total air-conditioning failure
  • Total water stoppage
  • Major leakage related to plumbing (e.g. water gushing out, leakage from plumbing etc.)
  • Major blockage of drainage